Web Talk Directory Reviewed

Web Directory Title Web Talk Directory
Url http://www.webtalkdirectory.com/
Genre General Web Directory – Paid Only
Current Pagerank PR 0
Stats 712 Categories , Over 300 Active Links
Logo(if any) Web Talk Directory
Backlinks Yahoo Backlinks : 1,810 Google Backlinks: 116
Whois Created 8th February,2007
Alexa Rank 461,439
Compete Rank Not Enough Data

Detailed Review For Web Talk Directory

Web Directory Talk, has a decent looks and is user friendly, with all the links and categories visible. However,
their search button is confusing and someone might have issues finding it, because there is no clue where it is, but to those visiting it, it’s the grey top section you see, and Go Find It is the search button, which is not worded properly, if it were “Search Directory”, I would have not had issue finding it on the first go!!

The instructions for submission are clear and it costs only $9.95 for lifetime listing for your site if it gets approved. Since, the directory is new and currently has PR 0, after the recent pagerank update, I would definitely like to see free submission option with reciprocal link maybe! Thus, helping promotion of directory. They also provide free templates also, for both phpld and phplynx directory scripts. The detail page can use more work for individual listings, as there is lots of white space at the bottom and looks dull. Time and Colleen’s efforts will tell us more about the fate of this new directory. Good luck Colleen.

What is your name and age and where are you from?
 My name is Colleen, I am 29 and I am from Canada.

When was your directory created? And might we dare ask what made you jump into the directory business? Did any directory motivated or inspired you to start your own directory?
 My directory was created in February 2007 but didn’t go live until just recently, August 4th, 2007 to be exact. I got into the directory business mainly to expand on our network of sites, my directory is part of the WebTalkForums.com network, we’re branching out to webmasters in as many ways possible. I can’t say any specific directory inspired or motivated me to be honest, I did once purchase a free directory and ran it for several months but then sold it. 

Do you remember the first Pagerank your directory received, if so would you mind sharing it with us. What are your plans for the next one?
 We have yet to receive PageRank. I don’t have any plans, to be honest I am of the belief that PageRank is over hyped, the only reason we strive for a better PageRank is because so many webmasters believe it holds value. If you can call linking to the directory from our best ranked sites, a plan, then I guess that’s our plan.

Is it prepared properly to face the next PR update?
 Yes, in my opinion.

What about the template? Is it custom made or using readily available free templates? And do you have any plans in near future for changing the design?
 I created the template myself. No, I don’t plan to change it, I am very happy with the design.

What modifications or some say mods do you have installed?
 With the purchase of a regular link, the submitter can submit up to 3 additional urls and titles for the same domain, and with a featured link purchase, they can submit up to 5 addition urls and titles. We also have a sitemap mod. I’ve also worked very hard to offer to our guests, free directory themes, which they have to register to the directory to download and can rate them out of 5 stars.

Do you believe that a directory should have a blog?
 I don’t believe that it should, but I do believe that a blog makes a nice addition, I am considering adding a blog to WebTalkDirectory myself.

Do you have a link building strategy you want to share?
 Not really at this time. 

Is there a promotion strategy you are after?
 I plan to promote via my free directory themes and my network of websites. Additionally, we’re actively promoting the "WebTalk" brand, I’d like the brand to be known by all Webmasters.

How is traffic? Do you have any specific goals set?

 The directory is too new to comment on traffic at this point. No goals, just to provide a resourceful directory of websites

Where is your traffic coming from?
 Right now it’s coming from the forums I’ve posted in about our debut and free themes.

What about SEO and SERPs? Do you believe in that and as a directory owner do you believe it’s a requirement for any directory?
  I think SEO is VERY important. You want your site to rank well and be found in the search results, you also NEED to rank well if you’re serious about your business. It’s definitely a requirement for a directory.

What keywords are you targeting, if any?
  WebTalkDirectory, Submit Link. As we just opened, a lot of the planning is still on-going.  

Do you have any kind of stats regarding the traffic your directory sends to the listed sites?
 We’re too new at this time to comment.

Are there any other strong features you think must be pointed out?
 My directory is w3c validated, this means the coding is clean and proper, the site should display the same on all browsers and not give problems. It also makes it easier for the search engine spiders to crawl the pages.

Would you like to share with everyone the stats of your directory? For example, active links, number of categories, and inactive links?
 Active Links: 300, Categories: 712, Inactive Links: 0

How many editors does your directory have? If none, do you plan on hiring editors at later stages of your directory development?
 Just me for now. No plans to hire but if time does not allow me to continue then I’d definitely hire someone.

How can users get in touch with you?
 We have a contact form in place.

Would you like to add anything else, that we might have missed?
 I’d just like to thank you for this opportunity.  


  1. Paul August 18, 2007 11:56 pm

    Colleen is a great webmaster, as she has several related webmaster websites going well at once.

    I’ve recently met her, and I’ve been enjoying all our interactions! 😀

    On top of that, all of her websites offer top quality service!

  2. Colleen August 24, 2007 3:35 am

    Thank you for the support, Paul! 🙂

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