Web Directory Reviews is proud to present Monthly Coolest Directory, Owner and Critic Contest or in short MCDOCC.

We know time is precious for everyone, hence we have decided to thank and award those directory owners, who take time out of their daily lives to give us an interview. In the future, we might start phone based interviews or live webcam interviews so everyone can listen or watch.

Here is how you can enter and win cash!!!!!

Directory owners can win $50 by entering.
Directory owners can win $50 Cash + Lifetime Featured Link with 5 additional links worth $299 at Alive Directory by entering. The $299 prize is for August-September month only and is sponsored by Chris Hoffman.

What you have to do?
Simple, enroll in the Get Reviewed Program and answer all the interview questions in detail.

How do you win?
For every 12 entries we get in a month, we will start a public poll here or at forums like DigitalPoint where readers can vote on which directory/owner’s interview they found most intriguing. Voters read the review we post for your directory and, the one with most votes wins. Please note: If we have less than 12 entries every month, there will be no winner, we will however add those reviews to next months contest. Maximum entries for a month are however set at 20 to keep the chances of winning the greatest. If we get over 20 reviews done in a month we will just queue them up for the next months contest. Winners will not be eligible for next months contest.

Not only directory owners, but critics, visiting and reading the reviews have a chance to win $25 each month.

What do you have to do to win?
Simply read the reviews we have posted and reply to as many reviews as you can with your own review for that directory. Those posting “Oh cool I love it” do not qualify. You have to review that directory yourself thoroughly and write as a critic would write. 2 – 3 liners are not good enough, so make sure your comment speaks about the directory and its owner. So, be the best critic you can be and win.

How will the winner be selected?
We will go over all the comments for every new review we post and select the top 5 comments. Those top 5 comments shall be shown to the public for scrutiny and the poll will decide which comment had the best critiqued review. We will go over all the new comments that get posted, even if it’s posted on previous months directory review. Everyone is eligible. So, it’s a test of your skills and the best critic shall win. Winners will still be eligible for next months contest.

Payments shall be via PayPal only. So those taking part must have PayPal accounts.
If you wish to sponsor this contest or add more prizes contact us via our email Email Web Directory Reviews. Those sponsoring will be listed on our special sponsor’s page.

Here is the list of entries (8 so far ) for month of August :

Zorg Links

BQTM Directory

Directory Share

Allbuziness Directory

UK One Way Links Directory

Noble Directory

Indie Coffeehouse Arts Directory

Web Talk Directory 

King Bloom Directory 

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