UK One Way Links Directory Review

Web Directory Title UK One Way Links
Genre General Web Directory – Paid Only
Current Pagerank PR 3
Stats 75+ Categories , Over 80 Active Links
Logo(if any) UK One Way Links
Backlinks Yahoo Backlinks : 150,637 Google Backlinks: 442
Whois Created 15th September,2005
Alexa Rank 405,774
Compete Rank Not Enough Data

Detailed Review For UK One Way Links

This directory has a nice green look to it, but is very busy and cause bit of distraction to the visitors with all the animated banners and adverts. Personally, I like non-animated banner as they are less catchy to the eye and you can concentrate on submitting your site. Browsing the website is however pretty easy and directory loading time is good. Checked few of it categories, and I was able to find few links that I would say do not belong in that category, for example in Lifestyle category under women I was able to locate 100 Weight Loss Tips “ and in other categories also I was able to sites that did not belong there. I noticed they have listing based on alphabets also, but they might want to fix the issue that I noticed. If you go to their alpha directory link and lick on any of the alphabets, you see this text on top “Alphabetically listed directory with websites beginning with the letter A.” on every page even if you are looking under “M” or “Z” alphabets. The submit page is unlike anything I seen ever, the category selection does not tell you if you are submitting to top level category or sub-category, but maybe Vic has it like that on purpose. Hopefully, Vic doesn’t mind me pointing the issues I noticed while browsing his directory. Overall I would still give the directory 9/10 because it does not look like any other directory, has custom looks and seo friendly urls.Thanks Vic for your time, here is what Vic had to say about his directory:

What is your name and age and where are you from?
Vic Christod from London, England.

When was your directory created? And might we dare ask what made you jump into the directory business? Did any directory motivated or inspired you to start your own directory?
Directory was created back in February 2006 but did not really do anything with it then until this year February. The reason behind getting into the directory business was because of the way the Internet market was. It gave us the opportunity to get links to our sites and also offer directory listings to other websites and enjoy some revenue from this to spread around our business as a whole.

Do you remember the first Pagerank your directory received, if so would you mind sharing it with us. What are your plans for the next one?
Our first pagerank was PR4 without really having to do much for this surprisingly. Earlier this year it went down to a PR3. Like I stated, this website was just sitting there gathering dust until we recreated and relaunched it earlier this year.

Is it prepared properly to face the next PR update?
We have done masses of work for our directory and would expect a jump to PR5 at the least.

What about the template? Is it custom made or using readily available free templates? And do you have any plans in near future for changing the design?
Our directory is original. Original in the manner that we are a real human edited search engine friendly web directory. There are no templates out there that match the setup we have. It is part PHP and HTML.

What modifications or some say mods do you have installed?
There are no mods installed on our directory.
Do you believe that a directory should have a blog?
No. I believe a directory should be a directory and a blog be a blog.

Do you have a link building strategy you want to share?
We look for sites that have PR but not necessarily of a high PR. It is important for us look out for sites with potential in the manner of looking at where they come in search engine results, how many pages are indexed, good SEO within the site, quality of the sites that may be listed on the site and the type of content the website has.

Is there a promotion strategy you are after?
We have unique colours and a unique name that we believe is easily remembered by all visitors coming to our website. It is important for us not only to have webmasters return to our directory but to also have everyday surfers come to our site and hopefully find what they are searching for. As a promotion we aim to get listed on sites where users will find our website of interest and come back time and again. This is always ongoing.

How is traffic? Do you have any specific goals set?
Traffic is climbing steadily. Our Alexa pagerank is somewhere at present on the 400,000 mark and getting better. Our goals are to be way up there in search engines results (succeeding in MSN and Yahoo and now benefiting in Google).

Where is your traffic coming from?
Traffic comes from MSN, Yahoo and Google plus many other sites and forums.

What about SEO and SERPs? Do you believe in that and as a directory owner do you believe it’s a requirement for any directory?
We believe strongly in SEO. This is an ideal for any search engine and can help enormously when ranking in search engine results.

What keywords are you targeting, if any?
UK Directory, UK Web Directory, One Way Links, UK Links Directory, Link Building, Text Link Ads, Link Popularity, Web Links Directory and many more

Do you have any kind of stats regarding the traffic your directory sends to the listed sites?
No, not at present.

Are there any other strong features you think must be pointed out?
Our directory has recently added the Alpha Directory. Any website submitting to our directory will also benefit from a link listed alphabetically or numerically within Alpha Directory as well as our category directory. They will also enjoy the benefits of being added to Latest Links for a limited period and also have a permanent page created for their website.

Would you like to share with everyone the stats of your directory? For example, active links, number of categories, and inactive links?
We currently have 75 categories and you are able to suggest a category. There are no inactive links on our website as this is well looked after and maintained. There are over 80 active links.

How many editors does your directory have? If none, do you plan on hiring editors at later stages of your directory development?
Just the one editor as we have strict guidelines already set out before anyone submits.

How can users get in touch with you? 

Users may contact us by filling in our online form.A contact us link to the form can be found in the left column throughout our website.

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