Top Directory Challenge Contest – Win Prizes

Win $75 for ranking #1 Straight for 3 Months on My Directory Rank

Win 35$ for Ranking #2 Straight For 2 Months.

Easy huh ?

Looks like it but its not, because if your competitor knocks you out of the #1 Spot for more than 7 days in a month, your counter is reset to 0. That means you start again , but if you get knocked down to spot #2 only, and stay there for remaining month(s) you still can win the second prize.

Same applies for #2 spot, if you get knocked down to #3 for more than 7 days in a week you start from 0 . But if you get promoted to #1 spot, you have to try to maintain that position for next 3 months.

Remember there must be a minimum of atleast 15 Directories taking part. Those who are actually been trackedĀ  using the code we provide onĀ  their sites.


PS: I need volunteers, who can help me out take screenshots on daily basis, so tracking can be maintained properly. So pm me if you wish to volunteer your services, volunteers will get free featured link on for duration, they help out.
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