Silverline Web Directory Review

Web Directory Title Silverline Web Directory
Genre General Web Directory – Paid Only
Current Pagerank PR 3
Stats Few Categories, Few Active Links
Logo Silverline Web Directory
Backlinks Yahoo Backlinks : 1,318 Google Backlinks: N/A
Whois Domain Created on 2006-12-15
Alexa Rank 829,015
Compete Rank Not Enough Data

Detailed Review For Silverline Web Directory

My first impression of Silverline Web Directoryoh great so easy to navigate!!!”. That’s right it’s free of any ads and is visually appealing, and is custom coded by Keith himself, hence easy to navigate. Green with blend of blue
adds a nice appearance effect to  it, but if you stare at it for too long it might start bothering you especially the green. The directory is new and is reflected too when Keith said “very few categories, even less links, and no inactive links” when asked about the stats of directory. Also for a new paid web directory the price is reasonable for review/submission-1 Year @ $1.50.
Directory also has articles but currently was able to spot only two articles, maybe with time they will bring more articles. The directory script is custom coded  and is apparent from the fact that there is no search feature available and the listings show when the links expire, which most scripts do not display.  Maybe, Keith will get some search feature going, thus enabling potential visitors and existing clients in finding the site they were looking for with ease. Directory can definitely use some additional features. The Google pagerank sits at 3, and I was not able to find any pagerank for categories, but with time Keith is quite confident that it will have good pagerank of 5. I wish Keith good luck and thanks for the interview.

What is your name and age and where are you from?
I’m Keith, 23 years old, and just moved from Kentucky, to sunny Florida.

When was your directory created? And might we dare ask what made you jump into the directory business? Did any directory motivated or inspired you to start your own directory?
I started my newest directory,, only about two months ago.  But I’ve been running another one for about 5 months now.  I got started with coding a directory when I saw how many people had the cheesy looking free directories; I knew I could make something that would look better.  And if these copy and paste directories were making a few bucks, I was sure I could too…

Do you remember the first Pagerank your directory received, if so would you mind sharing it with us. What are your plans for the next one? has gone from PR4, to PR3, and is now predicted (with to become a PR4 again.  Hopefully by the update later this year I’ll achieve PR5 status.

Is it prepared properly to face the next PR update?
I believe so.  I’ve put quite a bit of energy and a tad bit of money into it’s promotion, and believe it will do fine.

What about the template? Is it custom made or using readily available free templates? And do you have any plans in near future for changing the design?
I coded from the ground up.  It’s written in ASP (Active Server Pages) as opposed to the norm, PHP.  And the designing and color picking was all me too; except the logo, that was done by DigitalPoint username Adamant via a contest hosted by DP.

What modifications or some say mods do you have installed?
Because I coded it, I don’t need “mods.”  If I decide to change something, I can go in and edit the original code.

Do you believe that a directory should have a blog?
My directory does have a blog, and I believe it helps a lot with the credibility.  The blog is already receiving traffic (even though it only has a few posts) and I feel the added content allows the site to become more then just a link farm; it becomes more of a “Web Guide” as opposed to a “Web Directory”.

Do you have a link building strategy you want to share?
No.  If I had one, I’d share it…
Right now, the way my site is getting the most links is from people linking to the informative blog posts…

Is there a promotion strategy you are after?
I intend to promote it as a budget directory.  Some directories I can see charging $50 or $100, but others seem like they’re just overcharging.  I intend to continuously charge minimal for a website review and inclusion into my directory.  I’m not trying to get rich.

How is traffic? Do you have any specific goals set?
Traffic is a lot better now that I started the blog.  As for goals; not really, but constant improvement is always the standard.
Where is your traffic coming from?
I’m, right now, getting traffic from a number of places, but mostly from webmaster related forums and google search results…  The forums are sending traffic to my directory, while google is sending them all to the articles and blogs I post…

What about SEO and SERPs? Do you believe in that and as a directory owner do you believe it’s a requirement for any directory?
I think that every directory owner should strive to give their clients the most bang for their buck; and SEO / “search engine likeability” is part of that…  There are many factors in my mind that make up a quality directory, and rankings and traffic levels are only a few of them…

What keywords are you targeting, if any?
I guess “Silverline” and of course “Web” and “Directory”

Do you have any kind of stats regarding the traffic your directory sends to the listed sites?
I didn’t start keeping track of outbound clicks until last week, and then there were some technical issues with the code, so I’m back to square one.  So final answer, no, as of now I have no click-through stats to share, sorry…

Are there any other strong features you think must be pointed out?
Yes.  Most directories have massive amounts of categories and subcategories, then pages upon pages of links in each one.  One thing that’s different about our directory is this; we only allow 10 links per category at any given time.  That means there is no “page 2” or “page 16” for the client’s link to get stuck on.  All links are on the first, and only, page for that category.  I believe that this method of having only 1 page categories will catch on.
The 1 page per category limit is the reason we can’t offer permanent links.  By charging yearly review fees we forcing ourselves to keep improving the stats for the directory; otherwise we won’t get any submissions; whereas if we offered permanent links, we could just sell a ton and slack off.  This way we get our yearly fees, and the client knows that his link on our site will be worth it because I will continuously work to make our directory better and better.

Would you like to share with everyone the stats of your directory? For example, active links, number of categories, and inactive links?
Yes.  We have very few categories, even less links, and no inactive links.:)

How many editors does your directory have? If none, do you plan on hiring editors at later stages of your directory development?
Right now there are only two; myself being the main (99% of the time) editor.  Because of the link limit per category, I don’t see us ever requiring a staff to accept/reject submissions.

How can users get in touch with you?
DigitalPoint Username: TarponKeith or email

Would you like to add anything else, that we might have missed?
I don’t think so, thanks.

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