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Web Directory Title Ievu Web Directory
Genre General Web Directory – Paid Only
Current Pagerank PR 0
Stats No Data Available
Logo(if any) No Logo
Backlinks Yahoo Backlinks : 3,351 Google Backlinks: 0
Whois Created 2006-05-27
Alexa Rank 859,073
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Detailed Review For ievu Web Directory

The owner of ievu asked for a review and an honest one via pm and offered this “If you could do this for me I can add you a link to the directory just submit one and skip the payment and let me know” and hence I was obliged to write this review, since I got few mins. to spare, but its ok I will not be submitting any link to the directory, and if someone wants to link to this site, it’s their choice no pressure or requirement but it does bring happiness to me and only helps those listed on this directory review website. Note to adnan: do not worry adnan will review your directory today too! To start off the review for, I have no idea what ievu stands for! But the directory is general paid only directory, which was from the looks of it recently launched, as it does not have many links submitted.
It has a nice look and background, but I was not pleased with the banner it’s using, the skyscrapers add a dull look to the directory itself. I do not have too much to say at this stage about the directory and found it rather boring browsing it, as it has so many empty categories, so one more suggestion I can make at this point it that please add some nice content and links to the directory. Could also use thumbnail previews for sites listed, and I mean not on the details pages but the main category pages itself. Adds some nice colors and feel to any directory.Also seems like ievu has not been penalized by google as other directories like zorg-link, aviva, directory dump etc. are so that’s a good thing in terms of seo. Directory does not happen to have too many mods, other than the relevant mods, like deeplinks and sitemap, they can have a positive impact on directories development and growth. Good luck to the owner and make sure do not make the same mistakes that other big fishes made.


  1. admin October 22, 2007 7:23 pm

    So,its now October 22, 12 days after the directory owner was made aware of the fact that his domain is up for sale. I have not seen any changes, is this owner really trying to sell the site or sedo just sitting on their asses not caring about the user’s emails ?

    Hoping this gets sorted out soon. Good luck to ievu for the sale.

  2. Razvan October 26, 2007 8:14 pm

    Better check again: and on .

    The directory now has 15.000 backlinks and I will be releasing a new custom template.

    It’s NOT for sale, sorry about the confusion.

  3. admin October 28, 2007 4:13 am

    Good to see its all sorted, the original review has been adjusted accordingly. Regards.

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