Directory Owners Need to be Honest

After seeing this page on

Honesty is Best Policy

I investigated possible reason at Digitapoint and after going over this thread , I soon realized that Forplex owner was been hosted by someone known as aspidov who owns and runs possibly and (seems like even this is suspended). Now, according to hostgator according to that digitalpoint thread he owns them $400 , and also britishguy seems to have been duped by him as he has not completed the work he got paid for !!

But, britishguy or Mike should have not put up that page, it says its under maintenance which happens to be not the case. Website owners in general should post all the information if possible to tell what is happening to their website when users see no content on site. Mike should know better that there is nothing wrong with telling vistors what actually happening, because honesty is the best policy !! Eventually some of the visitors will find the digitalpoint thread and would than come to think of that Mike did not disclose the important facts. Maintenance and being offline, cause someone duped you and account suspended for non payment of bills is entirely different thing.

So, if you are directory owner and face such situations please do not make the mistake of hiding the facts, as they will eventually come out. Just be honest when you run a site in general.

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  1. medisyne October 8, 2007 8:18 am

    oh sorry to hear that but yea you might be right ,telling the truth is members can also help him restore by requesting hostagator.

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