Dmoz/ODP Web Directory

Web Directory Title Open Directory Project / Dmoz
Genre General Web Directory – Free Listings.
Current Pagerank PR 8
Stats 4,830,584 sites and 590,000 categories
Logo(if any) Dmoz Web Directory
Backlinks Yahoo Backlinks : 16,939,425 Google Backlinks: 165,000
Whois Created:2nd Jan,1999
Alexa Rank 361
Compete Rank 978

Description and Review For Dmoz

Dmoz or also known as ODP (open directory project) is the one and only volunteer edited directory. It far exceeds any web directory when it comes to the number of links and categories. According to google there are currently over 806,000 pages indexed and the number keeps growing as editors keep adding additional useful categories and subcategories. According to if we take a look back at the directories looks, you will be shocked to see that the directory still looks the same as it did back in 1999. Although for a web directory looks are not everything, it’s the content that matters, and dmoz has more than enough content. Dmoz is owned by AOL itself and its price can be estimated to be in billions if not trillions. I might have exaggerated there, but trust me you and me with our lifetime savings cannot buy So lets talk about the working of Dmoz itself.

Let us, first look at submission procedure.
If you head over to you will see all the steps and submission guidelines listed in proper manner. Do mind if you do not follow the steps and follow the guidelines forget that your site will ever get added to dmoz. Basically dmoz looks for a site that is user friendly, has lots of unique content, has contact information for business individuals on domain if it’s a business related website, and of course a working page, page under construction and broken links websites do not get added but are usually put either on hold for review later on. Do mind that if your site gets in review later on queue be sure it will be a really really !!!!!! long wait ………..So, follow all the steps and submit your site with proper title and short description, the longer the description and not to the point the better are your chances of getting rejected.

So, you have now successfully added your website, now the question on your mind is “How long do I have to wait for my website to be listed”. Well that’s a million dollar question, and on the web you can find lots of answers like 24 hrs to weeks, 2 hrs, 2 years and of course the famous one “never ever”. And that is correct too there is no fixed time , date or year when your site link will be approved or if it will be approved at all, cause remember everyone thinks their site is worth listing on ODP. But that is not case, so what personally I would suggest is get some review from editors of dmoz, using public forums like , and, not sure if the latter one provides or allows any urls to be posted at all, but try private message (aka pm) some editor on , maybe they might help provide some constructive feedbacks for your website. Do note,I will stress this, you try to bribe or buy your way into dmoz, be sure it will be removed and flagged by ODP , as it has been stated all over the web. But how true that is, is another story. Personally I have heard that there are few corrupt editors currently working at dmoz trying to fill their own pockets as they think, that the volunteer work they are doing deserves compensation in form of money and not a simple “thank you”. I have not seen any proof of the same as of this date, but if you have any proof of internal working of ODP and editors please do post your comments along with your rating for ODP.

Lets talk about functionality of ODP. ODP has an application process for become an editor to particular category your like and more can be read at . To get accepted basically you choose your category that best suits your interests and knowledge, and add 3 urls in the application form with description. In few weeks or days time you should be greeted by editor’s message if you have been accepted as an editor to that category. And who decides? There is a class or rather I should say rank of editors called “Meta Editors” who have the power to demote your rank , promote you and even kick you out of ODP. So, basically they are the boss if you put it in that sense.

It has been said that admins (who are aol staff), approval is also required for any promotion or boot, but personally, have not seen any aol staff ever on internal dmoz forums myself. Yes, I was editor at dmoz too if you are wondering how do it know all this? ODP site loads pretty decent and is easy to browse but also easy to get lost over there cause of so many categories. So while browsing ODP, remember to use the search feature, its pretty nifty to locate links. Just enter and viola you will see the link and category where the link is placed. If no result is found, means the link does not exists on dmoz.

So, overall I would rate ODP 7/10 cause its design do not please me, and its easy to get lost while browsing it, and takes sometimes, even ages for links to get approved. And not to mention the corruption I keep hearing about the editors. That will be the day when dmoz is once again operated by people who believe in the word “Volunteer”. But there are still lots of good editors at ODP trying their best to add new content and sites.