Bidding Directory Review for Zorg Links

Web Directory Title Zorg Links Bidding Web Directory
Genre Bidding Web Directory – Paid Only
Current Pagerank PR 0
Stats 100+ sites listed
Logo(if any) Zorg-Links
Backlinks Yahoo Backlinks : 4 Google Backlinks: 0
Whois Created:18th May,2007
Alexa Rank 176,60348
Compete Rank Not Enough Data

Description and Review For Zorg Links

We had an opportunity to ask Mike the owner of Zorg Links Bidding Web Directory few questions and honour us with his time. So, we thank him for this time. What more can we say, read for yourself , mike looks really dedicated towards his directory and we wish him the best. We would give him and his directory 10/10 , because efforts is what makes any site or directory stand out. Worth the investment. We shall wait for the google pagerank update, however not as eagerly as mike, ” I feel like a child counting down the days until Christmas! ”

What is your name and age and where are you from?

I am Mike. Michael Lovatt to be precise. I’d hate to disclose my age, lets just say i’m not yet 20. I live in a small town in the North West, England.

When was your directory created? And might we dare ask what made you jump into the directory business? Did any directory motivated or inspired you to start your own directory?

I had bought a free directory off someone, and enhoyed the traffic it got, and was suprised how much they were worth. I made a few more on expired domains and sold them. I realised this was un-ethical, and would be considered an act of the quick buck crew nowadays. I noticed bidding directories and enjoyed the concept of them. I saw sites like, and dreamed of owning one of a similar status. I sat down and thought how i could be different, what i could do to stand out from the crowd of other phpLB owners who don’t have the passion or budget to go far in the market.

Do you remember the first Pagerank your directory received, if so would you mind sharing it with us. What are your plans for the next one?
I am currently checking every 15 minutes, i am that obsessed. As my directory is 2 months and 1 week old, it has yet to recieve a page rank. I feel like a child counting down the days until Christmas!

Is it prepared properly to face the next PR update?

Well i have spent over $4500 in the last 2 months, submitting to the strong web directories, and bidding high on the bidding directories for traffic. I have paid for several high page rank links, got a good quality PR7 backlink from a web hosting related site for 2 months so that should help bring PR5, or PR6 if i’m very lucky.

What about the template? Is it custom made or using readily available free templates? And do you have any plans in near future for changing the design?
Aspidov made my template. It’s unique and there are few like it. I really like it, after his inital design, he hardly had to change anything to meet my requirements. It was almost perfect from the first design and he had it done in a matter of hours. Well worth the money, as submissions have increased since then. People are willing to pay to be listed if they see you have made the effort to pay for a custom design, not just upload a free one.

What modifications or some say mods do you have installed?

As many bidding directories do, the better description mod, which allows longer descriptions, and the deep links mod. I then have the latest links mod which the phpLB creator made, a top links mod which shows the top 30 bidding links. I then made several mods myself to improve the search engine friendliness of the site. I changed the title of the detail pages, allowed users to add their own META keywords and descriptions, changed the detail page URLs to include the site title, making it more SE friendly. Other mods include META description and keywords for category pages. One of my favourite mods is the one i am finishing installing now. It tracks where a sale comes from. So you know which site referers are sending the most submissions, the value of those submissions. The back end is done, just coding it into the admin panel so I can have some nice stats on hand!

Do you believe that a directory should have a blog?
Every directory needs traffic. The directory alone cannot pull in enough traffic without expanding, unless you have amazing search engine traffic. Therefore a blog is great for unique content, and something for visitors to come for.

Do you have a link building strategy you want to share?
If you are aiming for a high page rank, i would advise the following. Buy quality links only. These include links on sites in your industry. That means webmaster/SEO related blogs, other directories, related websites like webmaster forums. This is another reason why submitting to directories is vital. It means backlinks from other quality sites, links amongst good content, and other related outbound links. Sponsoring wordpress themes and directory themes is a great way to build up your quantity of backlinks. Sponsoring wordpress themes has gained me several thousand backlinks, around 50 of which are from the much sought after EDU sites. However, wordpress themes may be used on racist/hate/illegal sites, so you must be careful.

Is there a promotion strategy you are after?
Gaining recognition for my brand. I chose Zorg as my brand. I think its unique, and i want people to remember it. Promotion is on-going. It should never end.

How is traffic? Do you have any specific goals set?
Traffic is reasonable, it fluctuates between 50 and 150 uniques a day. Alexa is now into the 180 thousands. My goal is to become rank 1 on alexa. It will probably never happen, but i keep chasing that goal traffic will improve, alexa rank will improve, and listed sites will get more benefits. For a bidding directory traffic is even more important. People will want to bid higher on category pages and on the main page if they get better traffic.

Where is your traffic coming from?

All over really. Other bidding directories where i’m listed high, forums where i am active like digital point and the phpLB forums, google, and advertisements i have paid for. I haven’t tried adwords or any other PPC yet, i might give it a go in the near future.

What about SEO and SERPs? Do you believe in that and as a directory owner do you believe it’s a requirement for any directory?
Search engine traffic is vital. It means people are looking for your site, therefore may want to submit. It also means people will visit your listing’s detail pages, and listed sites will get further benefits.I think it is quite vital for a directory owner to target the SERPs. It means higher traffic and a more quality package to offer potential customers.

What keywords are you targeting, if any?
For my home page, all sorts of terms, such as bid for position directory, bidding web directory etc. I then want category pages to get direct SE traffic. I also want my listed sites to get targetted, so the stronger my directory the higher detail pages will rank.

Do you have any kind of stats regarding the traffic your directory sends to the listed sites?
I’m not sure, but i plan on developing a mod for phpLB to monitor the clicks to the sites. People are bidding over $100 to get on my home page, so i guess i must be sending around 20-50 visits to their sites a day, otherwise there would be no need to claim the top rank!

Are there any other strong features you think must be pointed out?
I am aiming to become the number one bidding directory using phplinkbid. The script i very popular so competition is tough. It motivates me into creating mods and working hard to provide things that other bidding directories don’t.

Would you like to share with everyone the stats of your directory? For example, active links, number of categories, and inactive links?
For a 2 month old site, i have nothing to shout about. Traffic and PageRank i have mentioned. Active links are over 100, i don’t think any links are dead.

How many editors does your directory have? If none, do you plan on hiring editors at later stages of your directory development?
I am the only editor. I think it will remain that way. If i didn’t have the time to run my site, i wouldn’t have made it. I like to call the shots. Perhaps if i had many directories getting over 10 sites added a day, and thousands of sites to moderate, i would hire staff. I do just fine on my own right now though!

How can users get in touch with you?
Theres a handy contact form that comes with phplinkbid. Amongst all the spam, I often get asked questions through it. I try answer within the hour. I’m also a moderator on the phpLB forums, so can help out people there. Not to mention being very active in the directories forum on digital point. I make over 30 posts a day there so i think anyone can find me if they wanted to.


  1. deepak July 31, 2007 12:53 pm

    Thankx love the interview,well got some hints from you guys.

  2. Bid links August 14, 2007 8:05 pm

    Nice work, it will be very famous just like, keep it up.

  3. admin August 21, 2007 6:24 am

    What makes you say a1bidlinks is famous?

  4. admin August 31, 2007 7:49 am

    Visting Zorg-Links again we found few updates. Like a nice blog for directories
    which talks about various fixes for bugs associated with phpLB script. Also noticed a site Beacon Directory, on the latest page, noticed no category associated with the same. So, i have asked Mike if its a bug or its some new feature he has added to the directory. Mike seems to be pro-active towards his directory keeping it full of content and feeding the spider :).

    Image File :

  5. admin September 1, 2007 10:55 pm

    It has been confirmed that its not an issue with zorg-links , owner of beacon directory just did not enter any deeplinks for his site.
    You can contact regarding the same.

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  7. Alex Jean November 9, 2007 7:17 pm

    I would like to say that zorg-links is and example of all bidding directories should be about. He has done a great job and still doing so. we also should be praising other coming out directories, it is all about supporting each other. Try to return favours.

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