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Web Directory Title Directory Dump Web Directory
Genre General Web Directory – Paid Only
Current Pagerank PR 6
Stats No Data Available
Logo(if any) Directory Dump Web Directory
Backlinks Yahoo Backlinks : 142,599 Google Backlinks: 6,240
Whois Created 2006-05-30
Alexa Rank 76,671
Compete Rank 19,290

Detailed Review For Directory Dump Web Directory

Directory Dump is suppose to be a general web directory of sites. But  on visiting and  browsing  various  categories,  it appears its  more of  a  Rss  Feed Dump  rather than a dump of sites.  That is correct this directory has more news feeds than actual site listings. Directory Dump seems to be not too old of a directory, maybe that’s the reason behind it having lots of empty categories. By empty I mean no site listings but just news feeds mostly from yahoo. If I were to make a guess at to how many actual listings are there, I would say less than 30% are actual site listings.Thus, leaving me guessing that 70% are news feeds.Actually did some calculations
and total number of active links happen to be 445.Most active category I could find was that for directories, which shows that “directory dump”, name suites the directory.

Looks like Rob has done an excellent work in developing a nice soothing design for his directory. There are nice icons besides each main category and loads of news feed again on the main site.  Maybe these news feeds are the reasons which make Directory Dump not Xhtml valid, although there is an Xhtml Valid Icon on the index page. Not  only is  it XHTML  invalid  but  also  loads really  slow,  again  possibly  due to  the  graphics and excess  use of  the feeds  on  the  site.

Directory dump has few extra features both for details page of a listing and for submitting sites. Users can submit multiple links or deeplinks depending on the amount they wish to spend, ranging from $64.99/Year to $34.99/Year. On submit page I did not really like t he preview feature for a link because you can only preview the link type once and than the preview link disappears. Some might like this feature however. If you go to any of the category with listings, you will notice that if you mouse your mouse over the site link a preview snapshot appears for the site. This is again one of my personal most annoying features that I despise. Why? Well it causes annoyance to visitors when they move their mouse on pages seeing different windows popup, plus popup of any kind however small is annoying on any website. Detail pages for site listing I really liked, they show lots of information about that particular site, like sites Google backlinks, yahoo backlinks and alexa rank, site thumbnail and more.

Other Comments
Directory dump is a known name over at digitalpoint and other forums, and is involved in bringing out some quality directory templates and also sponsoring few designs. Rob owner of directory dump actively helps users having issues with phpld and provides modding services for PHLD script. Directory dump outperforms many directories in the number of news feeds available for users to read. If you visit the latest link page, you can see in  between  few listings  image of  a  site and  when you click it, it  redirects to  main page of  directory dump, not sure if its done on purpose or it’s an issue, but it  looks weird. It has some quality backlinks from various sites, and is a victim of Google Wrath on select few directories, which Google thinks have been trying to manipulate rankings by means not approved by Google’s Matt Cutts. Some are saying it’s because of fluctuations in Google’s algorithm while others are saying that select directories are been targeted. Whatever be the real reason, from what we can see Directory Dump has nice Alexa ranking and from its online stats, gets lots of traffic. How much it channels down to sites listed can only be answered by Rob himself. But unfortunately at present, Rob does not have time for a small interview with us, which is a loss for readers of this blog. Hopefully, soon Rob will find some time for an interview. We wish directory dump good luck in its ventures.

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