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I have been running H-log now for about 2 Years. Domain itself happens to have some histroy way back to 2001 itself. Originally registered for gaming related site, was converted to directory in about 2006 or around that time. H-log is unique in its own way, the only directory i personally know of, that goes through transition phases, for example you might find one day that it’s once again a Paid Directory instead of free directory and vice versa. This is done to keep the content flowing through the directory.

Initially H-log used phpld 2.0 free version of script which was later upgraded to 3.2 version due to the features offered by PHPLD latest release. H-log has gone through 2 or 3 major template overhaul and the current template that is on H-log right now as you see from the screenshot happens to be much appreciated by submitters. So, am going to stick with the current template for quite some time.

Recently H-log was approached by two major companies : Bigmouth Media and SeoCompany. And I am happy to say the deal went smoothly so H-log might see some changes round the corner.

Currently there are Pending Links [491] 🙂 which hopefully by end of this week be down to 0 . Reviews for paid links are however done within 24 hours, but free links can take some time. If lucky you might get listed within 5 mins. of submission. So feel free to submit your site to H-log.

And Happy New Year To you All , may good things come your way and your directories if you are also a directory owner. Please leave your feedbacks for the same , will help improve the site further !!



Mods Installed on Directory:

Deeplinks Mod (Free Version Available at Dmoz Resources)

Thumnailer mod by VsDan from Monster Submit (ever since msn thumnails stopped working this was the next best thing )

No Submission to Top Category mod

And Se Friendly Urls and details pages a modification found at Dmoz Resources

And few other mods to help ease my editing process.

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