Allbuziness Directory Review

Web Directory Title Allbuziness Business Directory
Genre General Web Directory – Paid Only
Current Pagerank PR 3
Stats No Stats Available
Logo(if any) Allbuziness
Backlinks Yahoo Backlinks : 4,835 Google Backlinks: 0
Whois Created:17th May,2006
Alexa Rank 539,291
Compete Rank Not Enough Data

Description and Review For Allbuziness is a business directory. The first view of the site is very good, as it uses a nice clean template. It has some sites submitted already, and it also comes with a pages newsfeed which adds content to all the pages. And as we could see the feed is different according to the category the user is viewing. Site has a PR 3 for its homepage, something that could have been better, considering the site is 1 year old.

Owner couldn’t provide us with all the info we would like to have, so it’s pretty much a “what you see is what you get”, which is not bad at all. Prices may look a little high for a PR 3 directory, but considering its niche and as we don’t have any estimations about traffic it receives and distributes, we can’t make an evaluation. Next we have a small interview with the owner, where you will find more analytic info about the site. All we have to say is that looks nice, and would be willing to have a link placed there and see what happens.

What is your name and age and where are you from? is managed by Insidedesign, a web technology firm located in Asheville, Western North Carolina.

When was your directory created? And might we dare ask what made you jump into the directory business? Did any directory motivated or inspired you to start your own directory? was created in July 2006 and it has been an interesting ride since then. Insidedesign, the parent company of, decided to leap into the directory and search industry after we established ourselves as a leading web technology firm in Western North Carolina. I don’t believe any particular directory influenced us more than any other, but I would have to say the people over at have been very helpful. We have formed many relationships with the usual suspects over there, you know who you are.

Do you remember the first Pagerank your directory received, if so would you mind sharing it with us. What are your plans for the next one?

I think we have always maintained a PR 3, though it seems relatively weak for a year of existence, we have recently dedicated full time staff to Expect it to change fairly soon, as our SEO dept at Insidedesign has been hard at work.

Is it prepared properly to face the next PR update?

Yes we believe so. We have obtained fairly strong link acquisitions over .EDU and prominent authority websites.

What about the template? Is it custom made or using readily available free templates? And do you have any plans in near future for changing the design?

We have totally revamped our initial install, which is PHPLD of course (the best!). Insidedesign has some of the most talented web designers, and we have not held back on Our design is contemporary, yet conservative enough for the most prudent business professional. Take one look and you will see our design rivals some of the best known directories out there. We feature some unique items throughout the website and will continue to be one of the leading innovators in the directory and search industry.

What modifications or some say mods do you have installed?

Well, some are small and others are big. Some are on the front-end, while others are on the back-end. To be honest, we do not wish to reveal anything specific. But we have invested around $7,000 worth of customization to our business directory.

Do you believe that a directory should have a blog?
I wouldn’t necessarily say that ALL directories should have a blog component, but we believe it is key to incorporate some sort of unique and frequently updated content component to any website. We are actually in the process of incorporating a blog into our directory, which will focus on business issues and news of interest to business professionals.

Do you have a link building strategy you want to share?

Without speaking specifics, we focus on both paid and natural linking schemes.

Is there a promotion strategy you are after?
Well, we are very unique in this aspect. Traditionally, directories have focused their promotion efforts solely to the directory business industry. We have taken a different approach, by trying to pull in people looking to use us as an actual search resource. If we continue to bring in actual search traffic, we add more value to our advertising options and make money from PPC Ads. It is beneficial to both our advertisers and us.

How is traffic? Do you have any specific goals set?
Traffic is building and encouraging. As we continue to improve our directory and its resources, traffic will also continue to grow and improve.

Where is your traffic coming from?
As mentioned above, our promotion strategy is focused on building search traffic from business professionals. We will not mention any specific websites, but it is encouraging as we are slowly being mentioned as a business resource throughout the small business community. As with any other directory out there, we also have traffic from directory related websites. These sort of websites only account for about 40% of our traffic.

What about SEO and SERPs? Do you believe in that and as a directory owner do you believe it’s a requirement for any directory?

Not necessarily, but with proper promotion it comes naturally. Our main focus is on building business professional search traffic, they are our target audience. People use directories because they do not fully rely on search engines to map out the Internet. We see ourselves as another search engine and advertisers should be worried about our SERPs.

What keywords are you targeting, if any?

We do not wish to reveal specifics, but ‘business directory’ is an obvious choice. 🙂

Do you have any kind of stats regarding the traffic your directory sends to the listed sites?
We have not done any analysis on this analytic just yet. We are focusing on the traffic we receive mainly at this point.

Are there any other strong features you think must be pointed out?

The quality of our staff is just amazing and they have achieved some great results for our clients in the page. Now that we have dedicated staff to, expect some amazing things. We have many strong and unique features, put us side-by-side with our business directories and you will soon see why we are in different. We focus on building relevant search traffic for our advertisers, thus providing relevant traffic for our advertisers.

Would you like to share with everyone the stats of your directory? For example, active links, number of categories, and inactive links?

We do not wish to reveal these numbers.

How many editors does your directory have? If none, do you plan on hiring editors at later stages of your directory development?

At this time, we have one dedicated editor for In addition to our lone editor (Yo Steve!), we also have two developers, a designer and a team of SEO and promotion professionals. How can users get in touch with you?

Feel free to call us at (888) 812-4727 x719 or email If any directory owners are interested in building a new directory, be sure to check out Insidedesign’s website at We can certainly help you do anything you want, creativity is our nature.

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  1. admin July 31, 2007 6:23 pm

    To add to sakes review, this directory displays sub-categories on the right while browsing a category, and this feature i see missing on most directories. One thing i did not appreciate was that google ads are placed above the sites listed and is a turn-off , so maybe Eric might want to look into moving links up and ads down under them.


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